New line of alternate powered concrete saws

Torrance, CA, January 20, 2009 – MK Diamond Products introduces a new line of large electric powered concrete saws which address the need for an efficient alternate method for cutting concrete over traditional gas powered saws. These electric saws provide a solution for those environments and challenging situations where electric power is the right choice. Whether for indoor use or simply operator preference the new MK Diamond line of electric concrete saws will meet that need.


Both the MK-4000 and MK-3000 saw series utilize totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) Baldor motors with an IP65 IEC across the line starter switch. Each series utilize a three-phase motor that can be set up for 230 volt or 460 volt to match the user™s needs. These self-propelled saws are available with 24 and 30 blade guards.


The 30 hp MK-4000B series provides 66 ft-lb of torque at the blade shaft and the same hydraulic raise/lower system, self-propelled transmission and control set as other 4000 concrete saws. The saw has an on-board battery to provide 12VDC power for raise/lower function when the saw is not plugged in, and has a transformer/battery charger to recharge the system automatically anytime the saw is connected to power. The saw can also be plugged into120VAC to recharge or maintain the battery when the saw is not in use.
MK-4000B saws comes with a fully e
nclosed blade shaft with an oil bath lubrication system, front and rear pivot allows for easy movement around the job site and a differential lock for cutting on slippery surfaces.


The 20 hp MK-3000B series provides 51ft-lb of torque at the blade shaft. The saw features the same raise/lower system, self-propelled transmission and control set as other MK-3000 saws. An ammeter is provided to help monitor blade loading when cutting. The 1-7/16 blade shaft has heavy-duty pillow block bearings. Raising and lower is quick and easy with a handle wheel for positive adjustment of cutting depth.


Both series share many of the same features that have made the gas powered models so popular. Each saw is designed for left or right side mounting of blade and the blade guard uses quick release, auto-latching bayonet mounting. The water distribution system optimizes blade cooling and has a garden hose style connector for quick disconnecting. Operator control is through a T-handle for forward and reverse traverse control and instrumentation includes a depth of cut indicator. The three position adjustable solid steel handlebars and rigid frame front pointer with high visibility guide were designed for operator ease. The 7-3VX V-belt drive provides 98% power transmission to the blade. The wide front wheelbase increases stability and allows ramp loading/unloading. A lifting bail is also provided. The Eaton model 6 Hydrostatic transmission coupled to the MK trans-axle transmission can be disengaged to allow saw to be pushed manually. The travel speed is 0-220 FPM forward and 0-100 FPM reverse.


MK Diamond Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision diamond blades and equipment for cutting, coring and polishing all types of masonry, concrete, tile and stone products. MK Diamond Products, Inc. has been American-owned since 1868 and is continually evaluating and developing technologies to produce the best equipment in the market. For more information call 800/421-5830 or visit

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