STATESVILLE, N.C. ” The WS-Series concrete saws are ready for any application, offering cutting depths from 4.6 to 15 inches with 12- to 36-inch blades. The WS-Series saws are ideal for contraction and expansion joints, cuts for utility installations, patch repairs in asphalt and concrete, short-run slab cutting, trenching and traffic loop installation.


Doosan Infracore Portable Power offers seven models of walk-behind concrete saws. The WS14, WS14C, WS16C, WS18 and WS20 models come with a Honda engine ranging from 8 horsepower to 20 horsepower. The WS26D and WS36D are equipped with either a 31-horsepower or 57-horsepower Deutz engine, respectively. All engines are solidly mounted to the saw™s frame to prolong engine life.


The WS14, WS14C, WS16C and WS18 saws are manually propelled and have a recoil starting system, while the larger models ” the WS20, WS26D and WS36D ” feature hydrostatic propulsion and an electric starting system.


The heavy-duty, seven-gauge steel frame on the WS-Series concrete saws provides a solid platform, reducing vibration for straighter, faster cuts. The sturdy frame design also extends the life of the blade. The WS-Series is built with steel splashguards to enhance the safety of these units by keeping slurry and material fragments away from the operator.


These models are engineered with a larger, screw-type depth control to lock the saw into position for consistent, accurate cutting depths. The multi-belt drive delivers power smoothly, with less vibration during operation and longer blade life. A universal dual one-inch arbor with drive pin allows contractors to cut from either side of the saw for increased application versatility.


Look to Doosan Infracore Portable Power for a comprehensive line of Ingersoll Rand concrete equipment that will enable contractors to complete jobs with the highest level of productivity.


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