Diamonds are a Guy™s Best Friend STIHL Diamond Wheel; Brute Precision

In a competitive environment where professionals rely on their tools for their livelihood, the number one selling brand of cut-off machine worldwide delivers with dependable diamond wheels that can stand up to a wide range of tough cutting conditions. With a service life of as much as 200 to 400 times that of an ordinary abrasive wheel, it is easy to see why STIHL diamond wheels are an industry leader. 


Manufactured using only high-quality diamonds, a patented high density sintering process, and a hardened steel core, STIHL diamond wheels ensure a fast, smooth, precise cut, long service life, and a more heat-resistant wheel. Ideal for high-speed cutting of the most demanding materials, STIHL Diamond Wheels are designed to maximize the performance of your STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine.


When you buy a precision sports car you don™t put cheap tires on it likewise, when you buy wheels for your STIHL cut-off machine, you should buy for performance and durability, advises Adam Hanks, product manager for STIHL Inc.


Hanks adds, STIHL diamond wheels are mechanically tensioned for better balance to prevent bowing of the wheel that can cause wobble and vibration the wheel is designed to stay straighter for a better cut.


When compared to other brands, STIHL diamond wheels are a clear leader in both durability and performance. No matter how tough the job, STIHL has a high-quality diamond wheel up to the challenge:


  • Economy Grade Performance Class 5: Durable cutting qualities, good all-around performance, and economical price make these wheels a great value.


  • Quality Grade Performance Class 20:  Upgraded concentrations of diamonds provide extended wheel life and excellent cutting performance.


  • Premium Grade Performance Class 80: These top-of-the-line diamond wheels offer a higher concentration and quality of diamonds, providing superior cutting characteristics and maximum wheel life.


  • NEW! B 10 Diamond Wheel Premium Grade Performance Class 10: Higher segment heights give these wheels a greater lifetime compared to STIHL B 5 wheels with a comparable cutting rate.


  • NEW! BA 80 Diamond Wheel Premium Grade Performance Class 80: All-purpose cutting wheel is perfect for materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, pavers, asphalt, green concrete, and abrasive natural stone.  This versatile wheel eliminates the need to change wheels when moving from one material to another.


  • NEW! SB 80 Diamond Wheel Premium Grade Performance Class 80: This extremely fast cutting diamond wheel can be used on all sorts of construction materials.  This diamond wheel is perfect for cutting heavily reinforced concrete and hard natural stone. 




STIHL manufactures the world™s largest selling brand of chain saws and cut-off machines and produces a full line of powerful, lightweight, and versatile handheld outdoor power equipment for homeowners and professional users. STIHL products are sold through servicing power equipment retailers from coast to coast” not mass merchants.  STIHL products sold through U.S. STIHL dealers are for distribution in the U.S. only.  For more information or for the name of the closest STIHL retailer call toll free 1-800-GO STIHL (1-800-467-8445) or visit the STIHL Web site at

STIHL Inc. sponsors the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500®, the largest bricklaying competition in the world. In this event, the best masons in the world compete in twenty, two-man teams, building a specified 26-foot, double-wythe, masonry brick wall in just 60 minutes.


For information on job opportunities with STIHL Inc., please go to STIHL is an EEO and drug-free work environment

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