The Solution to Indoor Cutting with Less Noise and Dust.

Husqvarna Construction Products recently unveiled a new addition to an already extensive line of power cutters. The K 3000 Wet is an electric power cutter that allows the user to cut indoors easily and costeffectively, without dust.

The K 3000 Wet is equipped with a newly developed wet cutting kit that regulates the flow of water and concentrates the spray into a stream and then onto the blade. Specially designed nozzles are housed in specific positions along the blade guard to help keep water flow use to a minimum. It is important to keep water flow to a level that is sufficient to suppress the dust, but not cause excessive slurry.

Additional features include:

– A Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to help protect the user in case of damage to the electric circuit.

– Elgard, an advanced electronic overload protection system that varies the rotation speed to warn the user if they are approaching overload.

– The electronic SoftStart feature allows a gradual start with normal slow-acting fuses.

The K 3000 Wet is the perfect saw for almost any indoor job; it is ideal for rapid and simple on-site cutting and can make easy adjustments between a variety of building components including: pipes, reinforced steel, struts and much more.

Husqvarna Construction Products is a market leader in machinery and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product range includes power cutters, floor saws, tile and masonry saws, wall and wire saws, core drilling machines and diamond tools for these and other applications.

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