Four Models of Towed Scrapers Feature Durable Caterpillar Components and Innovative Designs for High Productivity

Caterpillar acquired E-Ject Systems in January 2008, and now Cat® dealers in North America are the exclusive suppliers of the four models of pull type scrapers. The scrapers are available in two different capacities, 17 cubic yards (13 cubic meters) and 22 cubic yards (16.8 cubic meters), and in two different configurations, standard two-wheel and an advanced design with four wheels.

The E-17XW and E-22XW four-wheel scrapers each have a parallel linkage that enables the cutting edge angle to be adjusted for most efficient loading. The four-wheel scrapers also feature a walking beam suspension for superior ride in the cut and on the haul road. The suspension system also reduces side-to-side sway and makes finish grading easier.

All of the scrapers, including the two-wheel E-17 and E-22, feature Caterpillar® components and robust design for reliability and extended durability. The Caterpillar scraper ejection system speeds cycles and reduces carryback. Caterpillar dealers provide full service and support for the scrapers.

 The scrapers are designed to be pulled by Caterpillar track-type tractors or by MT800 Series and MT900 Series Challenger Tractors or other agricultural tractors. The Challenger tractors feature Caterpillar power trains and components. The smaller scrapers team well with D7R or D8T crawler tractors and agricultural tractors having 300 to 500 horsepower (224 to 373 kilowatts). The larger scrapers are designed to work optimally with D8T and D9T crawler tractors and ag tractors having 400 to 500 horsepower (298 to 373 kilowatts).

Built for efficient production and long life 
All four scrapers feature large, 6.5-inch pins and tapered roller bearings inside the tongue and hitch”as compared to commonly used dry pins of less than half that size. The hitch design ensures extended life. A cushion hitch is available as an option for improved ride and faster cycle times. 

The head ends of the hydraulic cylinders are used for bowl lift and apron lift for maximum performance and cylinder life. Caterpillar XT-3 hydraulic hose is strong and abrasion resistant. High-strength steel is used on the bowl bottom, sides, apron and ejector face for maximum strength and wear life. The ejector guides are ultra high molecular weight material for long life and smooth operation.

The unique center lift bowl design reduces overall scraper width for easier transport. The four-wheel scrapers provide industry leading ground clearance of 29 inches (0.7 meter) for efficient operation in rough areas.

For more information about Caterpillar towed scrapers, customers should contact their local Cat dealer.

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