Roll-N-Go Series Compaction Roller

The Roll-N-Go is a sheep”s foot compaction roller designed for heavy duty compaction. Roll-N-Go models come standard equipped with replaceable hard surface teeth, rear scrapers, heavy duty bearings, reinforced oscillating bolts, heavy duty ½thick tubing throughout the tongue, and 360degree oscillating hitch. The Roll-N-Go is offered in 48 and 60 Double Drum configurations. The 48-48 Roll-N-Go can be pulled behind the Grade King leveling Scraper for a heavy duty combination of scraping and compacting. The 60-60 Roll-N-Go cannot be pulled behind the Grade King. It must be pulled independently behind a tractor because of the weight of this piece of compaction equipment.

Both of the Roll-N-Go models are hydraulically controlled for ease of use and transportation.

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