Four New Cat® Towed Scrapers Feature Construction-Duty Design for Reliable Performance

The addition of four towed-scraper models to the Cat® product line positions Caterpillar® Inc. as the leading manufacturer of hauling systems for the earthmoving industry. The new towed-scraper models”TS180 and TS220, with two rear wheels, and TS185 and TS225, with four rear wheels”feature an innovative, heavy-duty design and large load capacities for durable productivity in construction applications. Exclusive in the industry, Cat towed scrapers come standard with dry-disc brakes.  The new models further expand customer choices by complementing existing Cat hauling systems, including the articulated and rigid frame trucks loaded by hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders as well as the wheel tractor scraper and track-type tractor.


Heaped-capacity ratings for the new towed scrapers range from 18.8 cubic yards (14.4 m³) for the TS180; 19.0 cubic yards (14.5 m³) for the TS185; and 23.5 cubic yards (18.0 m³) for the TS220 and TS225. These towed scrapers use a durable bowl design, with high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel used throughout”floor, walls, ejector and apron.


High-strength durability

The box-section design of the bowl floor resists the stress of top loading and provides structural rigidity for intermittent push loading; the cellular design of the bowl walls resist load pressures and dents; and the ejector gate, fabricated from a single sheet of high-strength abrasion-resistant steel, moves on the same high-strength rollers used in Cat articulated ejector trucks. Ejector alignment guides, made from ultra high-molecular-weight plastic, maintain alignment and eliminate metal-to-metal wear.


The bowl features a center-lift design, which eliminates the large draft arms (external supports) employed in most conventional-scraper designs. The center-lift design is extremely strong, less complex and saves weight.  The rear cylinders on the four-wheel TS185 and TS225 models allow the operator to adjust the cutting-edge angle to best accommodate different soils”an industry-exclusive. These models also feature walking-beam suspension for a smoother ride, reduced side sway and easier grading.


Because the new scrapers can be used in tandem, “lead” and “trailing” configurations are available. Both configurations use a heavy-duty truss and push block at the rear for intermittent push loading, and lead units have a countersunk hitch that allows push loading when the unit works alone.


Larger Cat track-type tractors and Challenger Special Application tractors are ideal pulling units for the new scrapers, but other high-horsepower agricultural tractors (wheel or rubber-track) can be used. Drawbars and hitches are available for a range of pulling tractors, and the hitch features a bolt-on design that reduces wear on the massive 6.5-inch (165 mm) hitch pin.


The hitch platform allows the tongue to move in six directions to prevent excessive stress on the tongue and stop blocks on the hitch prevent the tongue from contacting the tires or tracks of the pulling tractor”eliminating a potential source of damage. The tongue itself features a robust, straight-line design that effectively transfers maximum drawbar pull to the cutting edge for reliable performance.


Hydraulics, tires and brakes

The new towed scrapers use Cat XT-3 ES hydraulic hoses (designed to be 20 times more abrasion-resistant than standard hoses) and O-ring face-seal fittings to reduce leak potential. No hydraulic lines are exposed in the bowl, and the steel lines used for rear hydraulic circuits and for brakes run within the bowl walls for complete protection.


Standard equipment for Cat towed scrapers includes radial tires”which provide excellent flotation and a good ride for the operator”as well as dry-disc brakes that use powerful, triple-piston calipers. The heavy-duty wheel hubs are filled with oil to ensure long service life.


For more information about Cat towed scrapers, customers should contact their local Cat dealer.

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