Cat® 613G Elevating Wheel Tractor-Scraper Delivers Improved Productivity and Work-Alone Efficiency

Updated Sep 16, 2010

The smallest of the Cat® wheel tractor-scraper line, the 613, has been upgraded to G-Series performance, comfort and serviceability standards. The new model features a tractor that has been redesigned from the ground up. With increases in power train efficiency, rimpull, elevator speed and travel speed, the 613G is more productive than its predecessor and can load material as much as 13 percent faster. Other enhancements promote safe operation and maintenance.




Like its predecessor, the 613CII, the G-Series elevating scraper is a work-alone machine able to cut and fill, finish grade, stockpile and condition material.  Its ability to perform a variety of functions (load, haul, dump, spread, and compact) can reduce job site congestion with the use of a single machine.  The 613G has an 11.0-cubic-yard (8.4-cubic-meter) heaped capacity, and it™s an ideal machine for compact work areas.  Add the efficiency of AccuGrade grade control, and the 613G can work to a plan and move dirt once profitably in both the cut and the fill.   


Safety updates include an articulation neutralizer valve that prevents the machine from articulating when the operator enters or exits the cab while holding the wheel.  Fatigue fighting features like a new, more ergonomically friendly cab allows the operator to swivel the seat for more comfortable loading.  With its larger area and glass, the cab offers the operator a better field of vision around the machine.  All daily service check points are at ground level, and when climbing on the machine is unavoidable, convenient hand holds and step platforms are situated for greatest security.  This includes the platform and handhold that facilitates daily removal of the AccuGrade receiver.  These platforms and handholds line up when the machine is articulated 90 degrees to the right. 


The 613G features a cleaner, quieter and more powerful engine; a 95-gallon (360-liter) fuel tank that supports 10- to 12-hour shifts; 30 percent more cab space for greater operator comfort; plus numerous improvements to the hydraulic, braking and electrical systems for reliable and durable operation.  

High-efficiency power train moves more material in less time 

Powering the 613G is a new CatC6.6 Engine with air-to-air aftercooling. It meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 and European Union Stage III A emissions regulations and delivers 193 flywheel horsepower (144 kilowatts), a 3 percent increase over the previous model. A new torque converter increases rimpull, improving performance and maneuverability in tough materials. The combination of higher rimpull and faster elevator speed allows the 613G to fill its bowl significantly faster than the 613C II.  

 New fuel, hydraulic, braking and electrical systems enhance performance


Virtually every major system on the 613G has undergone significant change. The large fuel tank enables the machine to run long work shifts without stopping to refuel. Clean-out ports, sediment drains and strainers were added to the fuel filtering system to improve cleanliness and extend component life. Fuel filters are readily accessible to simplify service and reduce maintenance time. 


The hydraulic system includes a new 33.8-gallon (128-liter) tank designed for easy access and better serviceability. A new pump increases elevator speed. Hose routings have been improved and use less hardware to help ensure long, trouble-free service. 


Hydraulically actuated brakes replace the air braking system found on the previous model. This change improves braking performance and serviceability. The parking brake, which is also hydraulic, is effective on grades as steep as 15 percent. 


The electrical system incorporates LED lights, which offer visual clarity, excellent reliability and long life. Light guards provide extra protection in severe applications. A flexible polyurethane-coated wiring harness withstands harsh conditions. It incorporates small, replaceable sections for faster, easier service. The machine also features Product Link, a machine tracking and asset management tool that improves fleet utilization and reduces costs. 


Roomy, comfortable cab aids operator efficiency 

The 613G comes with a standard cab that has 30 percent more space than the previous machine™s cab. This extra room, along with standard air conditioning, a standard Cat Comfort Seat and low sound levels (76 dBA) make the cab a comfortable place to work productively during long shifts. The seat swivels and locks to allow comfortable viewing of the cutting edge and bowl when loading and spreading. Ergonomic implement controls and easy-to-read instrument clusters further enhance productivity. 


These design improvements and other changes make the 613G a cost effective tool in applications that require fast cycle time, high travel speeds and the ability to load and spread on the go. For more information, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit 



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