WennSoft Releases Graphical Schedule Board

New Berlin, Wis.-WennSoft, a Microsoft Gold certified Partner, has released the Graphical Schedule Board (GSB), enabling customers to easily manage their service activities by displaying a visual picture of scheduled service, active appointments and unassigned service appointments.

GSB utilizes a configurable color-coded bar system for ease of recognition in scheduling and updating activities. Each color-coded bar on the grid represents a service appointment displayed on the Graphical Schedule Board. Different colors are used to identify the call type and the “Call Handle” changes color as the call status changes (e.g. dispatched, parts hold, onsitem delayed, complete, etc.) Both are user definable. Using the drag-and-drop capability of GSB, unassigned service appointments can quickly and easily be applied to an available technician”s empty time slot.

“The General Schedule Board replaces the WennSoft Graphical Dispatch Board, greatly enhancing functionality and including new features that out customers have requested,”said Tim Kennedy, WennSoft executive vice president of development. “GSB  is the latest example of WennSoft listening to our customers and our working with them to provide the tools they need to help drive business success.”

Features of the WennSoft Graphical Schedule Board are numerous, including:


  • Technician Paging- A user can generate an e-mail or an alphanumeric page containing a single appointment using the context menu item.

  • Appointment Allocations – A user can remove the appointment allocation from a single appointment or all appointments for a technician. The appointment(s) will be reassigned to the unassigned technician and status set to a user-defined status value.

  • Technician Activities upadate-Modify the date, start time, activity type or duration of an existing technician activity.

  • Update Job Activities Update-Modify the date, start time, job number, cost code or duration of an existing job activity.


  • Service calls are represented by color-coded bars. User-defined settings allow customers to select the background color of an appointment based on call type, problem type or service area and appointment status. Displays can be filtered by:

– Technician

-Technician Service area

-Call Status


-Call Priority


User-Defined Configuration

  • WennSoft Service Management Scheduling Constraints and validation rules are automatically enforced

  • Attributes including data caching, auto-save, color coding and major/minor time scale for each view can be configured, allowing customers to create a customized view specific to their needs

  • General and preference setups are divided into items that are configured globally for all users and those that can be customized by user

  • Appointment changes can be cached, allowing users to accumulate appointment changes prior to saving and committing to the database


  • One-five-and seven -day or monthly schedules -at-a-glance can be printed

  • Users can print a schedule of appointments, technician activities or job appointments by technician or vendor

About WennSoft

WennSoft provides innovative business management solutions for public and private sector organizations focused on project management, field service and equipment/fleet management. Core products- Job Cost, Service Management Series and Equipment Management Series-integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP to deliver a unique solution to each vertical industry served. The WennSoft solutions complement and enhance existing processes and the poeple who faciliate them-improving efficiency, expediting reporting, and creating cost savings for our customers. To learn more about WennSoft and its solutions, visit www.wennsoft.com


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