SEATTLE, March 5, 2008:   Dexter + Chaney ( has introduced Spectrum Mobile, a new module for its Spectrum Construction Software that enables field supervisors to submit daily field reports to the main office quickly, easily and accurately. 


Spectrum Mobile eliminates the practice of filling out paper time cards in the field and re-entering that data into Spectrum™s payroll system.  Instead, supervisors enter labor, equipment hours and production quantities directly into a mobile device or laptop, and the data flows to payroll for processing.  That saves time, reduces errors and provides data to the main office in a timely manner.   


We launched Spectrum Mobile to help construction companies streamline their field operations, payroll procedures and reporting processes,Âť said John Chaney, Dexter + Chaney co-founder and president.  It eliminates manual reporting and the need for multiple spreadsheets to track field data.  With Spectrum Mobile, field supervisors become more efficient and the company saves time and money.Âť


Field supervisors have the option to use a rugged handheld PDA or laptop computer to transmit time card, material, equipment and other daily field information to the office.  Spectrum Mobile consists of a PC server application and client software running on Microsoft® Windows Mobile handheld remote devices, laptops or PC workstations.  The system can be set up using a wireless network or WAN (Verizon, AT&T) for rapid data delivery, or with batch communications. 


 How It Works

Employee, equipment and other job-related information is downloaded automatically from the main office to the field supervisor™s handheld remote device.  That synchronization of data ensures that the supervisor will always be using current information.  At the job site, the supervisor can employ an integrated barcode scanner to scan an employee badge or equipment tag or another item selected from a list. 


Transactions are set up to be quick and efficient.  Using this automated method for daily reports from the field, the supervisor reduces time spent on administrative tasks, ensures that the information is accurate and provides data back to the Spectrum system in a timely manner. 


Spectrum Mobile simplifies the most difficult field-reporting transactions for the supervisor,Âť Chaney explained.  For example, the labor for one individual might be allocated to four jobs.  Spectrum Mobile makes the reporting process easier and more efficient because it happens instantaneously.  The accounting staff sees the data in real time, eliminating the lag time for the paperwork or electronic spreadsheet to arrive from the field.Âť



For information about Spectrum Mobile and Spectrum Construction Software, contact Dexter + Chaney at

800-875-1400 or 206-364-1400; fax:  206-367-9613; e-mail:  mailto:[email protected];



More than 1,000 construction companies throughout the United States use Dexter + Chaney™s Spectrum Construction Software.  Spectrum includes 30 integrated modules that handle project management, construction accounting, equipment management, service management, human resources, document imaging, remote connectivity and data sharing tasks.  Companies that use Spectrum report they have improved profitability and have grown their businesses more than 300 percent without adding accounting staff.


More than 7,500 total users make use of Spectrum™s Document Imaging software, which addresses a typically painful problem for construction contractors:  giving management, office staff and project managers the fast, electronic access they need to important documents like contracts, change orders, timecards, invoices and others.


For more information about Dexter + Chaney or Spectrum, contact Brad Mathews, Vice President of Marketing, Dexter + Chaney, 9700 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-2347; phone:  800-875-1400 or 206-364-1400; fax:  206-367-9613; e-mail:  [email protected];

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