Updated StrataSlope Software From Strata Systems

Cumming, GA January 9, 2009: Strata Systems, Inc. announces an upgrade to their advanced interactive computer software program designed to assist engineers with the design and analysis of geogrid-reinforced steep slopes. Earthen slopes up to 70 degrees from horizontal can be safely designed in accordance with methodologies accepted by the Federal Highway Administration and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a multitude of project applications. The program, named StrataSlope, is now available on Strata™s newly redesigned web site www.geogrid.com and is recommended for use by experienced geotechnical and civil engineers familiar with the technology of mechanically stabilized earthen structures.

The updated software provides current product material properties thereby offering designers a knowledge stream that ensures their material selection will be accurate, effective and long lasting. Developing highly advanced soil reinforcement products is a serious undertaking, states Lance Carter P.E., Strata™s Technical Director. It requires a thorough analysis of countless variables that pertain to manufacturing materials, as well as site specific conditions. Our customers want an effective tool in evaluating the stability of their reinforced soil structures. That™s where StrataSlope software fits in. It easily helps designers select the appropriate Strata soil reinforcement product while meeting the necessary engineering requirements.

StrataSlope software considers tie-back and compound stability using log-spiral failure surfaces, direct sliding via conventional two-part wedge mechanism, and deep seated stability analysis utilizing Bishop™s Method of Slices. StrataSlope is ideal for reinforced soil slope applications, and is effective for basic global stability evaluation of retaining walls. Optimized for the design of reinforced slopes, the software accommodates complex geometries with up to three different soil zones (reinforced, retained and foundation), along with inclined toe and top slopes. Additional software elements included are three uniform surcharge areas, options to include pore water pressure, and seismic stability factors. StrataSlope is fully compatible with US or International design standards such as BS 8006.

At Strata Systems, we have always considered ourselves technology disseminators, adds Carter. That™s precisely why we strive to make the transfer of this knowledge easy and intuitive for our clientsOR IMMEDIATE

First time users of this software are invited to download the system now from the Strata website. All customers who have used StrataSlope previously, are encouraged to download this newly licensed version as it supersedes our earlier application.

Strata Systems is a leader in the production and distribution of advanced geogrid soil reinforcement and composite geosynthetic products under the Stratagrid®, Microgrid  and StrataDrain brands. Additionally, the company™s newly acquired Sleeve-It product line affords designers and civil engineers a code-compliant system for integrating fencing into engineered retaining walls. High performance Strata products are designed to meet complex engineering and construction challenges relating to retaining walls, reinforced slopes and embankments. Strata Systems™ state-of-the-industry manufacturing and R&D capabilities are an extension of its commitment to growth through innovation. Strata Systems is an operating unit of Glen Raven, Inc. the leader in performance textiles and fabrics, recognized globally for its Sunbrella® brand.

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