Stay Connected To Your Fleet with ServiceLogic 2000

MicroLogic, Inc. helps its customers stay connected with their sales, service and delivery vehicles so that travel time, fuel, and routing are used efficiently.


The ServiceLogic 2000 solution is a fleet asset management system designed to assist managers with the monitoring and tracking of their vehicles.  It utilizes digital cellular data communication, GPS positioning and Internet technologies in transmitting mileage and routing information from your vehicle to your computer. This real time system helps your company by tracking mileage for maintenance planning, monitoring usage to improve safety and productivity as well as reducing costs through fewer unauthorized trips.  


In addition, MicroLogic also offers a satellite-based monitoring system, CELogic, for off road construction equipment.  Your total fleet of vehicles and construction equipment can be viewed via a single common user application environment.


Standard Features:

  • GPS Location

  • Vehicle Mileage

  • Vehicle Speed and Heading

  • Engine Idle Time Reporting

  • Geographical Fencing with Alerts

  • Power Take Off (PTO) recognition / option

  • Daily activity reports

  • Back Office application integration

  • Life-to-Date vehicle mileage and route history

  • User Application Software

  • Common User Interface (Service/Delivery/Sales Vehicles and Construction Equipment)



  • Aluminum Enclosure

  • Dimensions: 3 long  x  4.25  wide  x  1.25 high

  • Operating Temp:  -40 C  to +85 C

  • Installable by customer or MicroLogic (installation training available)


If you have any questions please contact us ..Phone:  (508) 621-1000 or Email: [email protected]. 

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