Logistics Management Inc.

Incorporated in 1982, LMI provides freight cost containment services to manufacturers, distributors and associations. Hundreds of companies benefit from contractual freight rates with quality national and regional less-than-truckload and truckload carriers, efficient and accurate freight bill audit and payment services, convenient web-based rating and reporting tools and the transportation expertise of our highly trained staff.

Please contact us for a complimentary base-line study of your freight costs. We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our program.

Why Choose LMI?y Choo

Most of our customers choose LMI because they see immediate cost savings with our program. Customers continue with LMI because of our outstanding customer service, and additional value added services that we offer.

From our initial meeting with you, we listen carefully to your needs and cater a program to your company or group. You”ll find that one or more of our products & services will be just what your business needs to improve its bottom line and increase efficiencies.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ”s) and Answers to help you make a decision about us:

Q. I have looked at other 3PL”s and they all require signing lengthy contracts with penalty clauses and utilization expectations. How does LMI structure their contracts?


A. At LMI we do not have contracts. We simply ask our customers to sign a one-page rate negotiation agreement. Your company can cancel our program at any time with a simple 30-day notice. Our program promotes customer loyalty right from the outset. The average customer stays with LMI over 10 years.

Q. How can you prove that your program will produce cost savings for our company without affecting service to our customers?

A. In our proposal, LMI will furnish your company with a lane-by-lane analysis from the information provided, comparing cost on all shipments, along with recommending top-quality regional and long haul carriers that will meet or exceed your current service providers. The program will be set up with no service interruptions to your customers and you will immediately start noticing the internal effects that our program offers.

Q. Will my company be subject to general rate increases and fluctuating fuel surcharges under our agreement with LMI?

A. LMI customers are protected under our agreement from any unforeseen rate increase or carrier mid-year pricing changes. Your rates under the LMI program are locked in from January through December. Our fuel surcharges are also under contract currently providing charges 60 – 65% below industry averages.

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