The All-In-One Loader Scale Reinvented

The Helper7 is our all-in-one loader scale, featuring an inuitive backlit keyboard, an ultra fast thermal printer and new technologies that help you manage more data faster than ever. This powerful and easy-to-use solution, combined with world-leading VEI weighing requirements. The Helper7 provides fast, accurate, real-time results in a compact unit that integrates all your stock management needs.

Integration makes sense

You can now weigh stocks, manage payloads and data, and print weigh tickets in motion, in real-time and in the comfort of your cab with a single, compact, all-in-one unit. Easy to use with its intuitive backlit keyboard, all-in-one compact monitor and ultra-fast thernal printer, the Helper7 is specifically designed to receive and process a vast array of load information, including in-motion weighing, client and product listings, blending, load ID, target weighing, and more.

World renowned VEI weighing technology provides reliable weight control during loading with sensors positioned at the left cylinder that measure the pressure to determine weight. The Helper7 instantly displays the result and saves the data. With the built-in printer and USB reader for transferring data to an iKey memory stick, no junction boxes are needed making the helper7 very compact and tough against environmental conditions.

New innovative features

Teh cornersdtone of the Helper7 is its user-friendly interface. The easy-to-learn, intuitive backlit keyboard combined with a menu-driven operating system makes it quick and simple to enter selections, execute calibration procedures, manage stocks, print tickets or transfer data. The system is so simple that virtually no time is lost during weighing and the operator can devote more attention to the job at hand!

The Helper7 also features a faster installation setup, a buit-in, front-loading iKey reader, menu-guided calibration, and optional iPot Lite data management software and wireless data transfer using Track Weight technology.

High technology options

The Helper7 makes integration better than ever with powerful software and data trandfer tools to help you manage your business more efficienly. The iKey memory stick is an easy way to store a large amount of loading data and then upload it to your desktop using iPot Lite software. Ipot Lite is a payload management software that makes it possible to export data to your invoicing software and integrate data from other VEI products like Millennium and Helper Mini.

The Helper7 can also be linked directly to your office through cellular or direct wireless data transfer using TrackWeight Mobile technology, an intelligent cellular modem that enables you to automatically record and send data to your desktop for every loading done by the operator, keeping you up to date in real time!

Designed to last

Designed and engineered by VEI, the world leader in loader scale technology, the Helper7 represents over 20 years of loader scale know-how and promises years of durability and satisfaction.

On-site installation is provided throughout the VEI North American Dealer Network. To find your local dealer go to or call 1-800-648-8132.

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