WC-30 Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner Eliminates Tire Pressure Leakage Problems

TIRE SERVICE EQUIPMENT MFG. CO., INC. is pleased to announce the addition of the new automated WC-30 Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Cleaner to their product line.  This wheel cleaner is designed to safely and effectively clean bead surface and rim flange areas on heavy duty truck and off-highway aluminum and steel wheels sized from 20 to 32 up to 20 wide.  The WC-30 is designed with operator protection in mind.  The wheel is placed in a completely enclosed cabinet where it rotates automatically.   The wire brush is manually adjusted to the proper cleaning position.  The operator observes the entire procedure thru the viewing windows while all dust and debris is removed from the cleaning chamber by the internal 5 HP vacuum.  All wheel lip and bead surfaces can be cleaned in as little as 7 to 10 minutes.


  • Heavy duty enclosed cabinet for cleaning bead seat and rim flange areas

  • Handles truck and off-highway aluminum and steel wheels 20 to 32 diameter and widths up to 20

  • Wheel rotates on protective rubber rollers

  • 6 diameter wire cleaning brush cleans wheel lip and bead surface areas

  • 2 HP electric motor power source

  • External adjustment handles position wire brush to optimal cleaning position

  • Enclosed chamber and 5 HP vacuum eliminates flying dust and foreign particles

  • Wheel cleaning cabinet has acrylic viewing windows  to view brush location and wheel cleaning status

  • Sealed 150 watt long life halogen lamp is mounted internally to illuminate the wheel cleaning area

  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel

  • UL and ULC Approved

  • Made in the USA




  • 120 Volt, 60 Hz, single phase, 40 amp

  • Dimensions  – 72 long x 60 tall x 40 wide  / 183cm long x 153cm tall x 102cm wide

  • Weight 455 lbs. / 207 kg


TIRE SERVICE EQUIPMENT MFG. CO., INC. manufactures and markets automotive tire and wheel service equipment as well as disposal and recycling equipment.  Call 800-223-4540 or go to www.tsissg.com for more information on all our products.

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