Caterpillar Introduces Enhanced B2 Series Of Skid Steer Loaders, Multi Terrain Loaders

The new Caterpillar® B2 Series of Skid Steer Loaders and Multi Terrain Loaders feature an improved operator station, an advanced hydraulic system and a wide range of standard features and options designed to meet a variety of production and comfort requirements in the compact machines.

Six skid steer loaders─216B2, 226B2, 232B2, 242B2, 236B2 and 252B2─and two new multi terrain loaders─247B2 and 257B2─constitute the new B2 Series line of machines. The quality and performance improvements in the eight machines are highlighted by the use of the Power EdgeTM Trade dress.

All B2 series machines have ergonomic operator stations that feature easy-to-use pilot-operated joystick controls for reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity. High-performance power trains provide high engine horsepower and torque, allowing part-throttle operation for lower sound levels and fuel consumption.

The new machines have an advanced hydraulic system designed for maximum power and reliability. An optional high-flow hydraulic system is available on three models (226B2, 242B2 and 257B2) for applications that demand maximum work tool performance.

The broad range of performance-matched Cat® work tools makes the B2 Series the most versatile machines on the jobsite.

The new skid steer loaders and their rated operating capacity (50 percent tipping load) are as follows:

  • 216B2 1,400 lb (635 kg)
  • 226B2 1,500 lb (680 kg)
  • 232B2 1,900 lb (862 kg) (8.5 percent increase from the 232B)
  • 242B2 2,100 lb (953 kg) (5 percent increase from the 242B)
  • 236B2 1,950 lb (885 kg) (11.4 percent increase from the 236B)
  • 252B2 2,500 lb (1134 kg)

The new multi terrain loaders and their rated operating capacity (50 percent tipping load) are the following:

  • 247B2 2,050 lb (930 kg) (5 percent increase from the 247B)
  • 257B2 2,500 lb (1134 kg) (8 percent increase from the 257B)

Bundled option packages
Options are bundled in packages to make selection easier. For the B2 Series machines, those include four cab packages and three control packages.

Cab packages allow selection from a basic cab to one with suspension seat, cab debris barrier, cup holder, heater/air conditioner, cab door, and side windows.

Three available control packages run from a basic design to one with high-flow joystick options. That latter option allows actuation of continuous hydraulic flow from a button on the joystick. An auxiliary hydraulic flow toggle on the right joystick allows precise control of flow to the work tool. On the 236B2 and 252B2, a two-speed option is actuated by a trigger on the left joystick. That option allows the operator to increase productivity in an application where high travel speeds are needed.

Radial and vertical lifts designs
The radial lift design on four of the machines (216B2, 226B2, 236B2 and 247B2) delivers excellent digging performance. The 232B2, 242B2, 252B2 and 257B2 have a vertical lift design, which provides extended reach and lift height for quick and easy truck loading.

High flow hydraulic option
Additional options include a gear pump high-flow system on the 226B2, 242B2 and 257B2 to run Caterpillar high-flow work tools. The system uses an additional gear pump to provide additional flow. It increases available flow 15.6 gpm (59 L/min) to 26 gpm (98 L/min) at 3,335 psi (23 000 kPa). The system is available from the factory or for field installation.

The popular self-leveling option will continue to be offered. It allows the operator to keep the work tool or load level while raising the lift arms.

Caterpillar ToughGuardTM hoses are used for all lift, tilt and auxiliary circuits. They are approximately 20 times more resistant to abrasion than standard hoses and provide improved machine reliability.

Longer oil change interval
Improved reliability and availability will result from increased oil sump capacity on the six machines with the 3024C engine. An additional 1.9 quarts (1.8 L) of oil moves the oil change interval to 500 hours and reduces maintenance time.

Multi terrain loader improvements
Undercarriage features on the 247B2 and 257B2 multi terrain loaders are designed to maximize production while reducing owning and operating costs. The two machines feature a 10 percent improvement in low-speed drawbar pull.

A single-level suspension undercarriage provides low ground pressure, stability, high traction and fast travel.

Idlers and bogie wheels feature heavy-duty metal face seals and tapered roller bearings to add reliability, durability and protection.

Components, including idlers and bogie wheels, shafts and standard steel rear idlers, can be replaced without removing the entire track assembly. In addition, track removal is not necessary to replace most undercarriage components. Time required to replace the track   has been greatly reduced.

A new, easy-to-use track tensioning system permits quick and easier track adjustment.

The new planetary gear reduction drive motors eliminate the need for the outboard bearings on previous undercarriages. Heavy Duty Dual Face (HDDF) seals are used on all idlers and bogie wheels.

For more information about the Caterpillar B2-Series loaders, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or go to

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