Toro Introduces New TRX Walk-Behind Trenchers 15-hp and 19-hp models feature tracks and easy-to-use controls

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (Feb. 12, 2008) The Toro Company announces the expansion of its compact equipment line with the addition of two, new walk-behind trenchers. Trenching just got easier with the introduction of the Toro® TRX-15 and TRX-19 tracked trenchers. Tracks — plus operator-friendly controls — make these gas-powered machines more productive and easier to learn and operate than typical wheeled trenchers, providing significant benefits to rental yards, contractors, and homeowners.


The low-profile tracked design of the Toro® TRX models provides a low center of gravity and a large footprint for increased stability on side hills and smooth operation on uneven terrain. These tracks will make the operator more productive and deliver added traction in almost any ground condition, says Greg Lawrence, product marketing manager for Toro. Plus, there won™t be damage to existing turf during transport because the TRX models have a light footprint, with ground pressure as low as 4.1 psi. Each model trenches up to 36 inches deep enough for nearly every job.


These easy-to-use, dedicated walk-behind trenchers provide rental dealers with a valuable offering for contractors and do-it-yourselfers who may want an economical — and manageable — trenching solution. The compact footprint and zero-turn capability of TRX trenchers allows for easy access, even in confined areas. Plus, these machines feature a less intimidating control system that follows the same design of Toro™s Dingo® TX controls. The easy-to-operate controls eliminate the ˜jerk™ steering required with other trenchers that have handlebar steering, explains Lawrence. Three simple controls operate all traction and trenching functions, which makes a TRX much easier to use than other types of trenchers, explains Lawrence. Contractors and homeowners can quickly learn and master this system.


Contractors will enjoy the cross-trenching capability of the TRX models. Tracks help the operator maneuver over perpendicular trenches effortlessly, where wheeled units may get stuck in the existing trench. It™s rare that someone will only need to trench in straight lines, so the ability to cross-trench is important, Lawrence says. At any place where there™s a manifold intersection, a valve box, or a T-fitting, the operator may need to cross the trench several times. The tracks of a TRX prevent the machine from getting caught in the trench.


Both the 15-hp and the 19-hp TRX models deliver powerful performance with their 4-cycle, V-twin engines. A large oil reservoir helps maintain low engine temperature and prolong engine life, and a large, dual-element KAI air cleaner improves air flow, performance, and reduces engine wear.


From utility lines to water pipes, contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike will find their jobs done faster because of the trenchers™ traction, ease of operation, and maneuverability. Operators can get on and off the job site quickly, especially with Toro™s optional, customized trailer and its built-in securing system.


To learn more about the new Toro TRX walk-behind trenchers, visit your local Toro dealer; contact The Toro Company at 1-800-Dig-Toro (1-800-344-8676); send an e-mail to [email protected]; or visit


About The Toro Company

The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) is a leading worldwide provider of outdoor beautification products, support services and integrated solutions. With sales of $1.9 billion in 2007, Toro is committed to providing environmentally responsible products of customer-valued quality and innovation. Since 1914, the company has built a tradition of excellence around a number of strong brands that serve a customer base that includes golf course superintendents, groundskeepers, sports field managers, landscape and irrigation contractors, fruit and vegetable growers, and homeowners. The Toro Company is headquartered at 8111 Lyndale Avenue in Bloomington, Minn. Visit the company website at


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