Vermeer Introduces Intelligent Drilling Features on a Compact Frame

Vermeer Manufacturing Company introduces the D16x20 Series II Navigator® horizontal directional drill (HDD) designed for utilities installation applications. Powered by a 63 hp (47 kW) Kubota diesel engine providing 16,000 pounds (7258 kg) of thrust pullback force and 2,000 ft-lb (2711 Nm) of torque, the D16x20 Series II provides the power to complete a wide range of bores.


Designed with utility contractors in mind, the D16x20 Series II offers maximum control in varying soil conditions, changing grades and confined spaces faced when installing water, gas, fiber and telecommunications lines.


The standard AutoDrill feature monitors changing soil conditions and adjusts the bore or pullback speed as necessary. Rotation, thrust and pull back pressure can be pre-set. The patent-pending Auto Resume function allows slurry and cuttings to mix by starting rotation before thrust/pullback begins ” reducing the risk of stuck bores.



Vermeer equipped the D16x20 Series II with 10-foot (3 m), forged one-piece Firestick® rods that feature superior bend radius and threads designed specifically for directional boring. The drill is equipped with an automated rod loader and rod carrying capacity of 400 feet (122 m).


A 25 gpm (95 L/min) onboard pump provides high flow in larger-diameter bores and increases efficiency while backreaming. The pump doubles as a high-pressure washer for quick clean-up at the end of the day. With a maximum length of 200 inches (508 cm), width of 47 inches (119 cm), and height of 75 inches (190 cm), the D16x20 Series II can easily fit into many hard-to-access work areas.


To further enhance maneuverability and stability, the D16x20 Series II features sliding tracks that adjust outward for improved stability in uneven terrain. With the tracks returned to the inward position, the D16x20 Series II has a compact footprint which allows entry to confined jobsites and side-by-side trailering with many modular drilling fluid mixing systems.


Like other Vermeer HDDs, the D16x20 Series II is configured with precise fingertip controls mounted on two joysticks within the ergonomically designed operator™s station.


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