DD-1100 Maxi Rig Horizontal Directional Drill

The DD-1100 is a surface launched directional, fluid assisted, mechanical drilling system with a tri-axle suspension mounted thrust frame. No large utility construction or pipeline project is complete without this premier piece of directional drilling equipment.

Features and Benefits

Caterpillar® 700 HP (500kW) each C-18 Tier III diesel engines 

  • 1,100,000 lb (500 tonnes) of Maximum Thrust/Pullback
  • 100,000 ft-lb (136,000 Nm) of rotary torque
  • Rack & Pinion 4 Pinion drive with Adjustable Force Limiter
  • Pipe Hog Tripe Jaw Wrenches allow precise alignment to Pipe Joints
  • Wrench Travels Full Length of Thrust Frame
  • Hydraulically Operated Pipe Supports
  • Rear Mounted Mud Swivel with 4Âť (101.6mm) Fluid Course permits 1,000 gpm (3,785 L/min) flow
  • Ability to accommodate Range II Drill Pipe 
  • Drill Angle 10° – 18°
  • Floating Spindle allows simple Makeup and Breakout
  • Dedicated Pumps for Rotary and Thrust
  • Adjustable Torque Limiter for Rotary and Makeup Force


    Product Options

    • Skid Mounted Drill Rig
    • Dual Power Pack with Run-On-One-Technology-System (ROOTS)
    • Full Enclosure with Roll-up Doors for Power Pack
    • Top Wrench
    • Light Kit
    • Cold Weather Package
    • Certified Pull Back Test

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