International® 5000i Series Integrated Dump.

Simply put, International ® 5000i Series Integrated Dump trucks are the ultimate severe service trucks the standard by which all others are measured. Because no matter how tough the job, these trucks don™t know the meaning of quit. Like you, they just keep pushing until the job is done. From the ground up, they™re built for the kind of work that causes lesser trucks to call in sick. Unforgiving terrain? Wicked weather? Grueling hours? Bring it on.

International 5000i Series Integrated Dump trucks are more than ready with outstanding maneuverability, legendary International durability, high payload capacities and an unbelievably smooth and quiet ride.


Drivers have more control too. With automotive-like features like dome light theater dimming, LED odometer, solid-state switches, LCD diagnostics display, trip hour meter, instant miles per gallon, remote throttle control, optional custom alarm package and an air-conditioning protection system.


  The brain of these trucks is the International® Diamond Logic® electrical system. It allows the engine, transmission, instrument panel and other components to communicate with each other electronically. With Diamond Logic, important vehicle functions are continuously monitored. Real-time information is relayed to the driver to ensure efficient vehicle operation. And self-diagnostics make for quick and easy troubleshooting and faster repairs. So your truck stays on the job, and you stay in the black.

Visibility is outstanding thanks to the sloped hood and the swept-back, curved design of the windshield. Switches and gauges are easy to see and reach. The premium interior trim with standard high-back seats (available in leather) and integrated headrests rivals that of a luxury SUV.

Two-way breakaway mirrors can withstand minor impact, potentially reducing door and mirror repair costs. And the multipiece hood can be less expensive to repair than a single-piece hood. Comforting thoughts, considering the kind of places these trucks go.


Axle Configurations
SFA 4Ă—2, SFA 6Ă—4, SBA 6Ă—4
156″ to 311″
Front Axle (Non-Driving)
Meritor – 14,000; 14,600; 16,000; 18,000; 20,000lb Wide Track Capacity
Rear Axle (Single)
Dana Spicer- 23,000lb Capacity Avail w/Driver Controlled Locking Diff for 23,000 lb or higher
Meritor- 23,000lb Capacity Avail w/Driver Controlled Locking Diff for 23,000 lb or higher

Rear Axle (Tandem)
Dana Spicer- 40,000;46,000 lb Capacity Avail w/Driver Controlled Locking Diff
Meritor- 40,000;46,000 lb Capacity Avail w/Driver Controlled Locking Diff

Caterpillar C11/C13
305 HP/1050 lb-ft to 470 HP/ 1750 lb-ft
Cummins ISM
305 HP/1050 lb-ft 425 HP/ 1550 lb-ft

Fuller – 10,11,13, 18 Speed Manual
Allison – 4000 & 4500 RDS/HS/EVS
Eaton AS –
10 Speed
Conventional Steel 107.0″ BBC
Fuel Tank
70 to 240 U.S. Gallon Total Capacity;
Top draw; mounted in various location and configurations
Exhaust System
Single horizontal muffler, vertical tailpipe, frame-mounted right side under cab std; clean CA package; vertical/Vertical and dual V/V packages
Electrical System
Leece Neeville – 110 (std) to 270 Amp Alternators
Delco-Remy America Inc.- 110 to 145 Amp Alternators
International- 2, 3 and 4 Battery Systems; 1850 to 2600CCA
Delphi- 3 Battery System; 2100CCA
Long Life Halogen Headlights
Body Circut Switches- 6 or 12 switches in Insturment Panel, 20 Amps Per Channel, 80 Amps Max Output


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