EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership

Mack Trucks now offers special components for Pinnacle Axle Back Sleepers as part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency”s SmartWay® Transport Partnership. Proven to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions of greenhouse gases, Pinnacle tractors built with the following components meet the EPA”s environmental standards for excellence and can be designated as certified SmartWay tractors.



Components include:

Full Roof Fairings & Side Shields improve fuel economy up to 15 percent by moving air efficiently between the back of the cab and the front of the trailer.

Cab Side Extenders, 4″ in length, reduce drag while the truck is moving.






Aerodynamic Front Bumper allows air to move smoothly around and under the front of the truck. This bumper is available in non-metallic bright finish or non-metallic argent.





Aerodynamic Exterior Mirrors offer a wide field of view for safety, yet the design minimizes drag for better fuel economy. Additional mirrors marked “Aero” in MackTraq are available.





Chassis Fairings working with the aerodynamic bumper, keep air flowing along the length of the tractor, which can improve fuel economy by up to another 2 percent.



Low Rolling Resistance Tires can result in yet another 1 percent improvement in fuel economy. The EPA has determined that the following tire models meet the SmartWay Tractor-Trailer equipment specification.

          Bridgestone: Steer R287, R280; Drive M720; and Trailer R195.
          Goodyear: Steer G395 LHS Fuel Max; Drive G305 LHD Fuel Max; and Trailer G316 LHT Fuel Max.
          Continental: Steer HSL; Drive HDL Eco Plus; and Trailer HTL.
          Michelin: Steer XZA3; Drive XDA Energy, XDA3, X-One XDA; and Trailer XTA Energy, XT1, X-One XTA.

Idle-Free “Key-Off” HVAC System* provides driver comfort and electrical power for amenities, without idling the truck”s engine. This saves fuel, reduces engine wear and cuts emissions for a cleaner environment. Note: Idle-Free “Key-Off” HVAC System requires a 160A Alternator. Additionally, the Webasto Auxiliary Cab Heater can be selected instead of the Idle-Free “Key-Off” HVAC System.

Mack”s MP Engine Series meet the stringent US”07 standards for reduced NOx and particulate emissions and are the most fuel-efficient engines Mack has ever produced.

For more information on the SmartWay® Program, visit www.epa.gov/smartway or https://www.macktrucks.com/.

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