Always the right height with Nivomat from ZF

NORTHVILLE, Mich. A fully loaded passenger car can be a safety risk, due to the increased weight of the car, the center of gravity changes and there is less damper and spring travel available for damping on the compressed axle. This increase in payload can make driving unstable especially on bumpy roads. The best way to counteract this is to adjust the ride height with the Nivomat from ZF. This system replaces a conventional damper and automatically levels the vehicle to a predetermined optimum height. The Nivomat system also provides and increase in roll rate and spring rate when payload is added, greatly improving safety and comfort. This innovative damper be used on any axle which needs to be leveled due to a change in payload. Nivomat, developed by ZF Sachs, Powertrain and Suspension Component division of ZF, provides an innovative solution in the field of ride-height control.

It works easily and efficiently without additional power or electronic controls and contains the spring/damper function to ensure a constant vehicle ride height without hydraulic or electrical lines.

In order to keep the vehicle™s spring behavior constant, the Nivomat simply pumps the vehicle up to its normal height. Depending on the road conditions, a fully loaded vehicle achieves its proper height after driving just a short distance. Nivomat draws the necessary power to re-establish the original height from the movements between the wheel and the car body¬. To mechanically convert this energy, the oil is pumped against a gas cushion in the high-pressure accumulator, which increases the outlet force of the piston rod. When the oil is pumped against a gas cushion, the Nivomat also provides additional spring rate. This additional spring rate increases the vehicle roll rate and keeps the ride frequency fairly constant leading to a dramatic increase to safety and comfort.

Nivomat is a compact and lightweight system. All components such as oil reservoir, pressure accumulator, pump, height sensor and control mechanism are fully integrated into the damper. The ride-height control system from ZF Sachs is available and works for a multitude of vehicle applications. For standard-sized cars, sedans, station wagons, vans, and SUVs, Nivomat comes as a standard feature or option.

ZF is a leading worldwide supplier of driveline and chassis technology, with approximately 64,000 employees at 119 locations in 25 countries and total sales of $16.3 billion in 2008.

ZF operates an extensive manufacturing network in North America, combined with global research and development capabilities, to provide advanced technology to the NAFTA region. The ZF Group North American Operations Headquarters and Technical Center is located in Northville, Mich., USA.

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