Stellar Industries 14528 Mechanic Truck and Service Cranes

The 14528 telescopic crane was developed as a result of Stellar customer demand for greater reach and increased capacity. This crane serves the increasing demands of heavy equipment dealers, the mining industry and large construction companies who operate sizeable fleets with even larger equipment needing service. Stellar is proud of the development of the 14528 with its industry-first features such as the full hydraulic reach to 28 feet! No other North American crane manufacturer has this kind of capacity with this kind of hydraulic reach. The 14528 is a 70,000 foot/pound rated crane that can lift a maximum of 14,000-pounds at 5 feet and 2,500 pounds at 28 feet, and with the addition of the standard LMI (Load Moment Indicator), overloading the crane will not be possible.

Crane Rating:
Standard Boom Length:

Boom Extension:

70,000 ft-lbs (9.68 ton-m)
13™ (3.96 m) from CL of Crane

1st stage: Hydraulic 90″ (228.6 cm)
2nd stage: Hydraulic 90″ (228.6 cm)

Max. Horizontal Reach:
Maximum Vertical Lift:

Boom Elevation:

Stowed Height:

Mounting Space Required:
Shipping Weight:



28™ (8.53 cm) from CL of Crane
29™ 4 (8.94 m) from crane base

-5 degrees to +80 degrees

43 (102.9 cm) crane only

25 x 22 (63.5 x 55.9 cm)
3100 lbs (1406 kg)

Radio control standard for all functions.

Rope Diameter: 1/2″ (1.27 cm)
Line pull speed: 60 ft/min (18.29 m)
Max. single part line: 7000 lbs (3175 kg)
Max. double part line: 14,000 lbs (46350 kg)


Lifting Capacities:

400 degree power (worm gear)

5375 lbs @ 13™ (2440 kg @ 3.96 m)
2500 lbs @ 28™ (1130 kg @ 8.54 m)

Power Supply Required:

PTO and pump
(12 gpm @ 2600 psi)
(45.4 lpm @ 180 bars)


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