Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® MTV Now Features Hydraulic Drive

Roadtec announces the changeover from axles and gears to hydraulic motors that control each wheel of the Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Vehicle (MTV).


This upgrade will make the machine even easier to shift. The hydraulic system and motors are expected to provide greater longevity and easier maintenance than the axle systems. It will also contribute to the transmission reliability and life-span.


The Shuttle Buggy MTV is a device which remixes segregated asphalt mix and loads it into the paver. It is well known in the asphalt road building industry that temperature and material segregation are a major contributor to uneven density and end-of-load segregation and their associated flaws, such as pot holes. Remixing in the Shuttle Buggy MTV from Roadtec has proven to be an effective method of eliminating temperature and material segregation in the mix just before it is loaded into the paver.  According to WAASHTO study T9903, a temperature differential of 7° C or less, assures the possibility of even compaction to specified density. Numerous infrared tests made in real-life working conditions have proven the Shuttle Buggy MTV able to consistently deliver mix with a temperature differential of 7° C or less. According to the WAASHTO study, roads built with these extremely low temperature differentials require far less maintenance, and can last twice as long as roads built with temperature-segregated mix.


Roadtec manufacturers pavers, material transfer vehicles, cold planers, and soil stabilizers in Chattnooga, TN, USA.


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