Asphalt Drum Mixers Offers Heavy-Duty Tanks For Proper Storage and Heating of Liquid AC

HUNTERTOWN, Ind. ” High-tech asphalt cement (AC) tanks from Asphalt Drum Mixers, Inc. provide an economical way to store and monitor liquid AC, and are compatible with both ADM and similar competitive models of asphalt plants. Available in a vertical or horizontal/portable configuration, the asphalt tanks are designed with a serpentine coil arrangement to provide a heat exchange area of more than 1,200 feet, ensuring consistent AC temperatures throughout the tank.


Constructed of heavy-duty steel, the tanks offer storage capacities ranging from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons. Fiberglass blanket insulation combines with a stucco-embossed .016-gauge banded aluminum jacket to protect the tanks and prevent heat loss.


The high-efficiency, hot-oil heater includes a fully jacketed firebox, multi-pass fire-tube heat exchanger and 84-gallon thermal expansion tank. The system also incorporates a 1,000,000-3,000,000 Btu/hr pre-packaged burner assembly. Other standard features include a combustion air fan, fuel oil pump, and No. 2 fuel oil manifold with safety shutoff valves.


A tank-mounted, weatherproof control panel comes standard on both the vertical and horizontal/portable tanks. Features include a main power disconnect, motor start relays, circuit breaker protection, burner controls, automatic temperature controller, high temperature limit, flame signal relay, status indication lights, and alarm circuitry. 


The horizontal/portable tanks feature a heavy-duty I-beam structural frame and landing gear with a manual hand crank. Accessories for the portable tanks include leaf spring suspension, air brakes, four radial tires and a gooseneck trailer with a fifth-wheel kingpin hitch. An interconnecting equipment wiring package features quick disconnects on the control cables.


The horizontal tanks are also offered as a direct-fired system with a submersible fire-tube heating system. The system includes a pre-packaged burner assembly, combustion air fan, No. 2 fuel oil train, fuel safety manifold and fuel oil pump. For added safety, the easily accessible 18-inch manhole on both the vertical and horizontal/portable tanks features a bolt-on cover plate.


A family-owned company since 1974, Asphalt Drum Mixers, Inc. offers asphalt plants, auxiliary equipment, parts and service. For more information, contact ADM, 1 ADM Parkway, Huntertown, IN 46748, call 260-637-5729, fax 260-637-3164, e-mail [email protected] or go to

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