Roadtec Pavers Hydraulic System Designed for Maximum Cooling.

The overall design of Roadtec paver hydraulics reduces hydraulic fluid temperatures and improves component life, hose leaks, and operator comfort.


Hydraulic motors on Roadtec pavers, such as those that control augers and conveyors, have been selected based on the optimal torque-to-speed ratio for cool operation. Moreover, the cooling chamber in the Roadtec hydraulic system is sized to efficiently cool hydraulic fluid, even in extreme situations.


Cool operation offers a number of benefits, operator comfort being chief among them. The operator sitting atop the machine will experience less heat radiating into his work area. Roadtec also reports that hydraulic fluid leaks have been virtually eliminated with their new, cool-running design. When hydraulic systems run cooler, seals and hoses do not get brittle and last longer. Lower temperatures make mechanical checks or adjustments the crew may do on the spot more efficient because components are cooler and therefore easier to handle. Reduced operating temperatures also increase the service life of components such as pumps and drive motors.


Roadtec offers five paver models in 8 foot and 10 foot widths and with tire or track suspensions.

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