Atlas Copco adds SBU 340 to solid body breaker line

Updated Sep 28, 2010

October 29, 2009 Commerce City, CO Atlas Copco’s SBU 340 solid body hydraulic breaker fills the need for a highly productive yet compact breaker for carriers in the 9,920-pound to 19,840-pound weight class. The solid body design of the SBU 340 removes the weakest parts of traditional hammers; there are no side bolts, no tie rods and no parting lines. Double retainer bars last much longer than the retainer pins used on other breakers. The full-length floating tool bushing reduces wear on the bushing and working tool and helps prevent tool breakage. In addition, the simple tool retainer lock mechanism allows both components to be changed quickly and easily in the field with simple hand tools. 


The SBU 340 features an energy recovery design that captures reflected energy when breaking very hard rock. This design also reduces internal vibrations, which protects the carrier and reduces noise, while still achieving a 48-percent faster impact rate than its predecessor, the SB 300.  


The slim profile of the SBU 340 makes it easier for the operator to see and position the hammer. Its compact design makes it ideal for applications in confined spaces such as indoor demolition work, along house walls and in narrow trenches. The dust suppression ring and air injection porting make it ideal for special applications. Only 32.8 inches long, the SBU 340 can be easily tucked up under the carrier arm, and there is no need to remove the tool during transportation. 


The SBU 340 combines the best features of its predecessor with improvements such as a 3 dB(A) reduction in noise and a 40-53 percent reduction in vibration levels. Blow performance (AEM) has been increased by 35 percent. 


With one of the highest performance-to-weight ratios on the market and features that make it easy to service, the SBU 340 is easy to install on any compact carrier for a wide variety of applications such as road work, trenching, general demolition, primary and secondary breaking, and underwater breaking.

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