Power Curbers Post-Hole Attachment

Updated Sep 29, 2010

A post-hole digger for the Power Curber 5700 Series (5700-B, 5700-Super-B, or 5700-C) digs pier holes up to 34 inches deep (86cm) for slip-forming wire rope fence foundations. 


The attachment mounts on the left rear of the machine and is powered with the machine’s auger conveyor circuit, giving both direction and speed control.  The driveway knife circuit controls the plunge function up and down.   


The auger for the post-hole digger operates inside a cylinder. It moves the dirt upward onto a hinged chute, catching the material before it hits the ground. The chute allows the material to be dumped out of the way of the slip-form application and eliminates the need for a crew member to move the dirt manually. The excavated material does not fall back into the hole; thus, the pier hole is left clean for the slip-form application. A pier hole can be dug in a matter of seconds. A stop rod is available for the attachment for consistency of hole depth.  The standard auger diameter is 12″, but other diameters can be considered as required.   


The trimmer runs the same as normal so you can trim and drill the holes in a single pass.  After the holes are dug, the Power Curber then slip-forms the foundation, filling the holes with concrete as it passes over them. The machine’s vibrators consolidate and strengthen the concrete so that no voids are left in the concrete inside the pier holes.  


After the mold passes over a hole, a crew member inserts a tube into the pier. A steel post is then inserted into each tube, and the wire rope is strung between the posts.   


The concrete foundation is flush with the ground and prevents grass from growing around the posts. Grass-cutting crews can run their mowing machines over the edge of the concrete, reducing maintenance costs.

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