MANKATO, Minn- Hiniker Company has added a pair of 1032 Series 10 ft. plows to its line of high-performance trip-edge snowplows. Available in either electric/hydraulic or central hydraulic powered configurations, these plows are designed for use with trucks as the GM 4500/5500 series, the Ford F-450 and F-550 and the Dodge 4500/5500 series.

The 32 inch tall moldboard utilizes a dent-resistant, corrosion-free plowing surface made of low-friction HDPE polyethylene. A top-mounted extruded polyethylene snow deflector is included as standard equipment.

1/2 inch by 8 inch cutting edges and cast ductile iron skid shoes are incorporated into the two section split trip edges. The trip edges rotate on a 9 1/2 inch high pivot point, for enhanced protection from surface obstacles. The trip hinges have been designed to eliminate any pinch points, assuring a full return after tripping.

A compact joystick controller that can be either surface-mounted or handheld controls all functions of the electric/hydraulic plow. Super-bright quad halogen headlamps are included with all 1032 plows, providing up to twice the lighting power of conventional sealed beam lamps.

Fast hook-ups are provided by the Hiniker Quick-Hitch mounting system, a simple drive-in system that uses a single lever to lock the plow to the truck .

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