New REZNOR Used-Oil-Fired Heaters

Updated Oct 7, 2010

Memphis, TN:  Thomas & Betts – HVAC Division (REZNOR ) announces the addition of Models RA-150 and RAD-150 Waste Oil Heaters to their extensive line of products specifically designed for onsite recycling of used oils. 


The Model RA-150 is a standard unit space heater. The Model RAD-150 is a ductable furnace, with a heavy-duty blower, designed for moving heat to specific locations.  Both models are rated for 150,000 BTU input.  Whether heater or furnace configuration, these units convert used oils into abundant, free shop heat.


The Model 150 units feature an efficient and accessible chamber design, offering extended run time between clean-outs.  A full, swing-out door, large service panels and convenient maintenance/service shelf provide easy access to the combustion chamber and heat exchanger. Either model may be suspended from shop ceilings or, supported just above a REZNOR  Workbench Fuel Tank, functioning as a “Recycling Center”. 


Both RA and RAD units feature a Reznor  state-of-the-art, efficient Air Atomizing Burner; a Quiet, On-board Air Compressor; a Positive Displacement Fuel Metering Pump; and Automatic Thermostat-controlled Operation, providing consistent, dependable delivery of fuel and excellent combustion.  Other features include a Patented Oil Preheating System, Backflow Draft Sensor and Operation Hour Meter.  Both models are user-friendly and are easy, quick and inexpensive to maintain. 


On-site recycling reduces the use of virgin fossil fuels and prevents potential damage to the 

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