New D-26 Miskin Scraper

Ucon, ID” Miskin announces the addition of the new model D-26 to its long line of pull-type scrapers. With an amazing 26 yard capacity, and a 14 ft cutting width. Sporting six 20.5×25 tires, the D-26 sets a new standard for high-production carrying 52 yards in trains of two.

Durability is what our customers are asking for says Mark Miskin, President of Miskin Scraper Works, Inc. With today™s high-speed, high-horsepower Industrial Tractors, the old ˜farm™ scrapers are just not cutting it. Oil-filled hubs, larger hitch, bigger pins, and overall heavier built. The scraper is also easier to maintain, with easy-access grease banks, and replaceable bushings.


The D-26 features a unique Cushion-Ridetm suspension, that allows high speed travel and protects the scraper in rough terrain. Miskin now offers disk brakes (optional) for work on steep grades.

We™re very excited about the new D-26. It™s perfect for the customer who wants the economics of pulled-scrapers, but demands the high-production of a larger scraper. says Mike Myres, Sales Manager. Miskin is the oldest manufacturer of pull-type scrapers (since 1917), with scrapers from 4 to 26 yards.

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