EDGE® Roto Tiller by CEAttachments, Inc.

Updated May 4, 2010

Get the most out of your skid steer with the EDGE Roto Tiller. Applications for the Roto Tiller include seedbed preparation, mixing compost and other materials, breaking up clumps and tilling home sites prior to landscaping. Features of this heavy-duty attachment include bi-directional shaft rotation for undercutting and topcutting in forward and reverse, and direct drive hydraulic motor for minimum maintenance. Its hardened, replaceable tines will cut up to 6 deep, and the offset mount means you can work right up close to obstacles.  EDGE roto tillers are also available for your compact utility tractor! For further information please contact our friendly staff at 866.232.8224 or visit our website at www.ceattach.com.

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