CHARLESTON, SC. (February 02, 2010) – With the addition of the new Absolute E-Z Up (AEUP) IAWP-15™ aerial work platform, customers now have another method to get to hard to reach places safely and efficiently.  Designed for the demanding rental industry, the new IAWP-15™ is rugged and durable and has the ability to drive over a 35% grade and can negotiate tight areas with its zero degree inside turning radius.  With a unique design and dual extension decks, the IAWP-15™ has achieved an unheard of unrestricted platform capacity of 617 lbs.

Standing at a platform height of 15 ft, reaching and completing projects is a snap for this work horse. Four six volt marine grade deep cycle batteries produce 180 amp hours each, generating enough power for over 400 lift cycles or driving in excess of 5.5 miles.  That power, coupled with its unique drive design, allows the IAWP-15™ to be able to work well beyond the typical single and double work shifts required of today’s equipment.  Rated a two man unit, the IAWP-15™ can be easily and safely operated by one operator.  Simple controls and a large LCD screen featuring system diagnostics and status ensures users have a reliable and easy-to-use machine for projects large and small.

 “Customers will find the IAWP-15™ their favorite tool whether working on a major installation or a minor repair. Ideal for the concrete mason, welder, electrician, HVAC mechanic or painter—all will appreciate the ease of operation and dependability,” said Mike Buley, Managing Partner of Absolute E-Z Up.  “Plus, the IAWP-15™ can be easily transported between several work locations by loading it into a van, truck or personal pick-up, making it a must-have solution.”

The IAWP-15™ comes with excellent Absolute E-Z Up customer service and boasts an impressive 10-5-1 warranty. The mast and cylinder are covered for ten years, all components are covered for five years, and batteries are protected for a non-prorated one year. As with other Absolute E-Z Up models, the IAWP-15™ uses biodegradable fluid, eliminating the need for lubricant or oil changes, and is painted using a powder coat painting process. 

About Absolute E-Z Up

With 27 years of industry experience and headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Absolute E-Z Up (AEUP) is an importer of international aerial work platforms and material lifts.

For more information on Absolute E-Z Up, visit www.absolutee-zup.com.

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