Albion PA – Rogers® recently completed an 80-ton capacity, 13-axle trailer for a specialized hauling company in Houston, Texas.  (The term 13-axle takes into account a 4-axle tractor).  The trailer employs a “west coast style” suspension that distributes weight to the back six axles using a “rocker shaft” in the rear of the trailer.  The air ride suspensions of the first three axles are attached to a sub-frame that “rocks” inside the rear frame; and it balances, like a teeter-totter, with the back three axles of the “stinger” or bogie.

These suspensions have a special air-height adjustment system that is controlled by hand valves.  Each axle of the main trailer is fitted with shut-off valves and chains.  The trailer, stinger and jeep dolly all have Air Weigh® electronic scales installed to measure individual axle loads.

This trailer features a mechanical detachable gooseneck with a 197-inch swing clearance.  It uses the “pin and paddle” connection method instead of the traditional Rogers “hook and shaft” connection.  All of the structural beams are fabricated of 130K psi steel to keep the trailer’s weight to a minimum.  The total weight, including the jeep dolly, is 64,900 lb.

The platform deck is 30 feet long and 10 feet wide.  Because of its modular design, the platform deck can be substituted with another deck style, or a future deck insert can be added to increase the deck length.  It is also equipped with LED lights, three electronic back-up alarms and thirty-six 275/70R22.5 tires.  This 80-ton capacity specialized Rogers trailer, including the 3-axle jeep dolly, is nearly 107 feet long.

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