Brokk 180 – Hard hitting, great flexibility

Updated Jul 14, 2010

The all-round machine

In the demanding field of confined space demolition, small size and great strength are a powerful combination. The Brokk 180 remote demolition machine packs many times the hitting power of a jackhammer in a unit small enough to fit through most doorways. What’s more, the lightweight precision digital remote control allows you to operate the Brokk at a safe distance from the work area. With the Brokk 180, you work smarter, not harder.

Uncommon Strength

The Brokk 180 weighs only 1900 kg (4190 lb), yet it can be equipped with a hydraulic hammer in the 600-foot-pound class (410 joules of hitting power at the tip). The advanced design includes a strong three-part arm system that can be fitted with a wide selection of demolition tools, including concrete crushers, buckets and grabbers. The powerful Brokk arm is controlled by large hydraulic cylinders for great strength, and is powered by a 18,5 kW electric motor.

Remarkable Accessibility

The Brokk 180 is designed to go practically anywhere. The track widening kit reduces the track width to just 780 mm (31 in), allowing access through most doorways. Once inside, you can use the outriggers to quickly get a more stable footprint.

For even greater access to your work, choose the optional telescopic boom. By extending the working reach of the Brokk 180, you’ll spend less time repositioning the machine and more time working.

Enhanced Safety

In the complete line of Brokk remote demolition machines, safety is always the first design priority. The Brokk state-of-the-art digital remote control takes the danger out of demolition by allowing you to control the unit from a safe distance with split-second accuracy. The remote weighs only 3 kg (6.6 lb), yet controls a machine with great hitting power.

The Brokk 180 also features flap down outriggers or dozer blades, a swivel counterbalance and a long track design for ultimate stability and safety in all confined spaces.

Increased Productivity

Small size. Light weight. Great accessability. Long reach. Great hitting power. These are the design benchmarks that define the Brokk 180 remote-controlled demolition machine. Now you can build your business faster by offering safer more efficient confined space demolition with the strength of Brokk.

Quiet and Environment Friendly

• 18,5 kW electric motors have low noise levelsand emit no harmful fumes.
• Biodegradable oil can be used in all hydraulic lines.
• Small footprint allows the Brokk 180 to tread lightly, minimizing environmental damage.

Additional Features

• The Brokk 180 can be equipped for earlier access into hot environments, such as those found in cement kilns, steel foundries and other process industries.
• The large scratch- and dent-resistant chassis hood is designed to store and protect additional equipment, including oil pumps and extra hydraulic systems.
• Rubber cushioned suspension of electric cabinet reduces vibration and shock to critical components.

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