New EDGE Grader Blade and Laser System Prove a “Level” Investment!

March 8, 2010 — CEAttachments, Inc., a global supplier of attachments for compact equipment, announces the addition of a New EDGE Grader Blade and Laser System to their lineup of attachments for skid steer loaders.  

The New EDGE Grader Blade is now smoother than ever featuring and an in-cab control box with a new proportional current valve.  This new feature allows you to hydraulically control the movement of oil to gradually enter the cylinder, resulting in consistent, steady adjustments made to blade height, angle and tilt. 

The 96” blade is perfect for subgrading and blacktop preparation and features a reversible and replaceable cutting edge with an optional end plate kit.  The EDGE Grader Blade also comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers.

Combine the new EDGE Grader Blade with an optional Laser System for a perfect grade every time.  Contractors can enjoy simple, precise control that results in material and labor savings.  The transmitter features +/-10% X axis grade range, 0.5% to +25% Y axis grade range and high accuracy up to 3,000 ft. in diameter.  The receivers feature bright green “on-grade” and red “off-grade” indicators, and a simple one cable attachment.

The new EDGE Grader Blade joins the lineup of EDGE blades including Dozer Blades, Snow Blades and V-Blades for other applications.

See the new EDGE Grader Blade and Laser System, along with thousands of other attachments and accessories on the newly designed website at

CEAttachments is a full service international wholesale distributor of attachments and accessories for all brands and models of compact equipment including skid steer loaders, compact excavators and compact utility tractors.

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