Brokk 160 – World launch of an all-new Brokk demolition robot

Updated Jul 2, 2010

Brokk, the world leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, presents a new generation of demolition robots with the introduction of Brokk 160.

The Brokk 160 boosts the mid-segment of the Brokk model range by taking it to the next generation. The new Brokk is the answer to many customers’ requests to combine impressive power with a lightweight machine 3527 lb for very flexible use. It is also 12% more powerful than the existing heavier model Brokk 180 and has the capacity to carry the same attachments.

“With this machine we have taken the Brokk concept one step further, delivering more power in a smaller package” says the president of Brokk, Martin Krupicka. “The Brokk 160 is not a scaled version of one of our previous models, which would have required performance and quality trade-offs we were not prepared to make. Instead we used Brokk’s 30 years of experience with demolition machines to build a brand new machine from scratch, designed for the desired size and power. With the Brokk 160, Brokk shows once again that we deliver the original remote controlled demolition machine that you can always trust to get your job done.”

Sweet spot in size – no compromises

Mr Mikael Hedlund, president and owner of ABRAB demolition, has been testing the new machine in a tough and hazardous environment.

“Brokk 160 is an incredibly useful machine due to its size and efficiency. The service and maintenance of a machine is very important for us and the new Brokk 160 is really an improvement in that area”, he says and continues enthusiastically: “Performance and reliability are the most important aspects of a machine, and Brokk has avoided the far too common mistake of adding bells and whistles at the expense of reliability. I think the new Brokk 160 will be a great success around the world!”

Features of the new Brokk 160:

Small size, weight and dimensions. Better access at work sites, more flexibility, easier to transport etc. A powerful machine with an 18.5 kW electric motor delivering more output power than bigger machines, while having low electricity consumption. Perfect for safe and effective demolition in the construction, tunnelling, mining, cement, metal processing and nuclear industries. Stability to carry heavy and high performance tools. Easy service and maintenance through reduced complexity.


The dimension of the new machine model is surprisingly small, a width of 30.71 in and a height of 49.37 in and it hits impressively hard, over 406 joules at the tip of the breaker.

The machine has a reach of 15.8 ft including Atlas Copco’s breaker SB 202 which will be very useful in small cement kilns and furnaces. The increased output power combined with the improved flexibility of a smaller machine will enable our users to finish their assignments even faster than before!

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