Tuthill GlobalGear and HD pumps

Updated Jul 27, 2010

Tuthill GlobalGear® and HD pumps are suitable for pumping asphalt and are used in many asphalt applications, including:

  • Bulk Transfer
  • Loading/Unloading of Tankers, (highway and rail types).
  • Transferring from main storage-tank to production tanks
  • Feeding of production installation, e.g. production of roof shingles.
  • Mobile road repair equipment.

In most applications, asphalt is pumped at temperatures of 270 degrees Farenheit to 400 degrees Farenheitto reduce the viscosity (100 to 7500 cPs) and ease processing. To maximize efficiency of pumps in asphalt service, Tuthill has incorporated a range of options that make our pumps ideal for various asphalt applications.

For this type of application we recommend the following product(s):

  • GlobalGear® Series
  • HD Series

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