Grindex Pumps

Grindex Pumps offers a new generation of highly efficient and reliable submersible pumps designed for heavy-duty drainage and sludge applications. On construction sites, in mines and various industrial applications, Grindex submersible pumps are constantly being put to the test in some of the most demanding applications imaginable.

The Grindex range of pumps includes several special features, including;

  • “SMART” motor protection, which will prevent Grindex pumps from single phasing, overheating and backward rotation.
  • A patented air valve system that permits its pumps to run completely dry without sustaining damage.
  • A new design of its hydraulics section featuring a closed impeller keeps the reduction of performance caused by long-term wear to a minimum. This makes the new pumps capable of operation in demanding applications with maintained capacity.

Grindex also offers a line of submersible compact, lightweight pumps for construction, tunneling, mining and clean-up jobs.  These compact pumps are extremely lightweight relative to their capacity.  Engineered with stainless steel, composite materials and polyurethane for strength and impact resistance, they’re untroubled even by sand, gravel and sludge particles.

Pump designs range between 0.6 and 140 HP and deliver up to 5,000 gallons per minute with capacities of up to 750 ft.

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