MCM-4000 Drilling Fluid Cleaning System

Updated Jul 29, 2010

The MCM-4000 is the perfect compliment to American Augers horizontal directional drills.This mud cleaning system has the ability to Mix, Clean, and Transfer drilling fluid (mud) at the same time. Reduces Volume of Solids by controlling the moisture content, which leads to easier fluid disposal. Reclaims Bentonite to minimize overall use.  The equipment is designed with a compact size, so the unit is ideal for easier transport and perfect for smaller jobsite foot print.

Features and Benefits

  • (2) Large Tanks – 1,333 U.S. Gallons (5,045 L) screen tank, and 2,667 U.S. Gallons (10,095 L) clean fluid/mixing tank
  • (2) Tandem Linear Shaker Screens, with electric driven motors are more efficient and require less maintenance than random or orbital shaker screens.
  • On Board 114 (kW) Caterpillar Generator Set to power screens shaker, pump motors, and lights
  • (6) KVA of Auxiliary Power with (2) duplex outlets with GFI
  • (7) 5 inch  (127 mm) Desilter Cones with individual shut off valves
  • Centrifugal Circulating Pump
  • Mud Jet Agitation System
  • Standard Trailer Mounting
  • Wash Down System(included)
    • 110 U.S. Gallon (416 L) capacity
    • 1,500 psi (103 bar) maximum pressure
    • 4 ½ U.S. Gallon (17 L)/per minute pumping capacity
    • 100 ft. (30.5 m) long hose with hose reel

Product Options

  • Generator Set
    • 50 Hz Electrical Operating System
    • Gooseneck Trailer Mounting

Rule of Thumb: is that the cleaning system should have 1.5 – 2 times the capacity of the mud pump on the job. The MCM-4000 is suitable for drillers whose mud pump output is 200 – 600 U.S. Gallons (757 – 984 L)/ per minute.

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