Honda High Pressure Pumps WH15XK1C1 and WH20XK1AC1

Updated Jul 29, 2010

High Pressure

Honda’s high pressure pumps are designed for moving clean, uncontaminated water – excluding drinking water or flammable liquids – from one place to another.  Typical applications for the general purpose pump series include irrigation, flood control, light construction, fire fighting and swimming pool drainage.  Thanks to the use of Honda’s quiet four-stroke engines and superior technology, these pumps boast incredibly low decibel levels.

The WH15 and WH20 model pumps offer high pressure with a lower flow.  The best application for these water pumps is where higher pressure is required, such as a sprinkler, irrigation systems or use with hoses and nozzles.


Model WH15 WH20
Engine-easy start OHV commercial engine GX120  (118cc) GX160 (163 cc)
Compression Ratio 8.5:1 8.5:1
Pump type High Pressure centrifugal self priming High Pressure centrifugal self priming
Volute Rigid Mounted Cast Iron Rigid Mounted Cast Iron
Impeller Cast Iron Cast Iron
Mechanical Seal Carbon/Ceramic Carbon/Ceramic
Priming time 40 sec. at 16.4 ft. 60 sec. at 16.4 ft.
Drive System Direct Direct
Discharge capacity 115 gals./min 134 gals./min
Suction port diameter 1.5” NPT 2.0” NPT
Discharge port diameter 1.5” NPT 2.0” NPT
Total Head Lift 127 ft. 141 ft.
Suction Head Lift 26 ft. 26 ft.
Maximum pressure 55 psi 61 psi
Dry weight 48.5 lbs. 51.8 lbs.

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