Power Team Unleashes the ALL NEW PredatorTM Series, a premium line of high flow, high-pressure hydraulic pumps and steel torque wrenches

Updated Aug 2, 2010

Rockford, IL, January 22, 2007 – Power Team® introduces Predator Series – its newest line of high performance hydraulic pumps and tools serving the global bolting industry. This family of high performance hydraulic products raises performance and reliability to a new level.

After decades of serving the high force torque wrench tool industry, the Power Team portfolio of products and systems is expanding to include a new series of hydraulic pumps and torque wrenches. This new generation torque wrench pump features much higher flow and automatic cycle operation -both of which result in higher productivity. The Predator pump can be operated continuously, and also features low amperage operation and low sound level.

In addition to the Predator electric powered hydraulic pumps are the new and durable steel square drive and low clearance torque wrenches. This new generation torque wrench features more efficient and faster operation in an envelope size that is 2/3rds the size of aluminum wrenches, allowing the tool to be used in applications where space is limited, yet is still comparable in weight.

The Predator range of hydraulic pumps and wrenches offers a reliable performance based solution to your challenging bolting needs. We look forward to introducing the Predator family of pumps, wrenches and accessories to your application. Email us at [email protected]for more information.

Future generations of Predator will include air and gas powered pumps.

Faster – Quieter- More Powerful . . . Predator by Power Team

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