Wet Prime Trash Pumps

Updated Aug 3, 2010

Thompson trash pumps are specified for the really tough jobs where a wet priming pump capable of handling large solids and/or abrasive material is needed. Thompson trash pumps outperform other centrifugal trash pumps on the market and cost less to operate. The quality and dependability engineered into each Thompson heavy duty trash pump provides the high performance you need to get the job done quickly. Each pump is factory-tested before shipping to ensure complete dependability on your project.


Construction: Dewatering excavations, canals and sumps; bypassing sewers and bodies of water; ground water dewatering; water supply from wells or canals; hosing down concrete castings

Civil Engineering: Sewage pumping; flood drainage; fire fighting; recovery of hazardous liquids

Waste Treatment: Sewer bypasses; pumping polluted hot or corrosive wastewater containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; dosing neutralizing liquids; pumping out settled sludge

Industrial: Transfer of neutral, acid or alkali clean or dirty liquids containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; low viscosity petroleum products

Agricultural: Surface irrigation; liquid manure oxygenation; transfer and spraying fertilizers or manure

Note: Alternate pump end materials available for corrosive liquids


  • Heavy duty cast iron construction
    for long life
  • Large solid handling capacity
  • 2 or 3-vane ductile iron impellers
  • Cast iron rubber-lined, abrasion-
    resistant wear plate
  • Suction port above center line of impeller
  • Quick start-up self-priming and
    automatic re-priming
  • Dry running abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide mechanical seal with Viton elastomers
  • Safety shutdown control panel standard
  • Various diesel engine and electric
    motor options
  • Simple low-cost maintenance
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