Elkin Hi Tech – leading the way to Green concrete!

Updated Aug 5, 2010

Concrete is a green material and Elkin Hi-Tech volumetric concrete mixers are leading the way in producing environmentally friendly concrete! Recently Elkin Hi-Tech delivered a two yard trailer unit to the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The city will use it for street patches and repairs where small amounts of concrete are required with different mix designs.

The Elkin Hi- Tech trailer is designed to produce exact quantities of concrete reducing waste and an overall carbon foot print in concrete production. In addition, labor costs are reduced as owners can meet their production needs in their time frame reducing hours of down time.

With models with capacities from 2 to 10 cubic yards and production rates from 15 and exceeding 200 cubic yards per hour, Elkin Hi-Tech can help you be green and reduce concrete production costs as well! The cure for the waste and wait.

For more information contact Elkin Hi Tech sales at www.elkinhitech.com or call them at 800-245-6899.

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