Express Blower Introduces New Blower Product

Updated Sep 17, 2010

EUGENE, Ore. — Responding to customer needs for a state-of-the-art pneumatic blower, Express Blower, Inc. introduces the TM-45. The new blower spreads a wide variety of materials, including compost, mulches, soil blends, aggregates and wood chips for applications such as landscaping, erosion control and construction.

Powered by a 275-horsepower, turbo-diesel, Tier 3 compliant Caterpillar C-7 engine, the TM-45 is a fully self-contained, steel-framed aluminum box designed to be mounted on a variety of truck or trailer configurations. For even more efficient blowing of heavier and more abrasive products, the unit is also available in an optional TM-45MD. The optional MD package includes a 300-horsepower Caterpillar engine as well as a more powerful pneumatic blower and heavier hydraulics.

Built with enhanced technology for equipment protection and ease of use, the TM-45 has a self-diagnosing engine for low oil pressure monitoring and high temperature shut-off. Additionally, a programmable logical control computer (PLC) automatically adjusts the entire feed system based on material and operating conditions, eliminating the need for complex system settings and further contributing to efficiency and greater ease of operation.

The TM-45 comes equipped with an advanced Express Blower feed system, featuring a solid belt floor and electronically controlled direct-drive auger with large motors to reduce the burden on the truck’s hydraulic system. In addition to proving more durable and reliable than walking floor and push-ram feed systems, this material feeding system improves volume output, eliminates most material waste, and reduces time-consuming clean-up tasks.

For topdressing turf or installing lawns, the patented Supplemental Injection System allows users to uniformly apply mixes through Express Blower’s Terraseeding™ process. Terraseeding is the calibrated injection of seed in a compost, mulch or soil mix as the material is blown into place. By measuring precise amounts, this injection system reduces seed usage and the occurrence of over- or under-seeding. The result is faster, more uniform germination and healthier turf. The supplemental system also allows injection of granular soil enhancers or weed inhibitors.

The TM-45 has a level load capacity of approximately 45 cubic yards. A top-hinged hydraulic tailgate supports efficient bulk offloading. Thanks to an ideal combination of blower pressure, air volume and air velocity, the TM-45 can handle material blowing projects with standard 4-inch hoses, making handling easier for operators. The TM-45 features a 286-foot hose and the capability to blow material more than 300 feet to effectively reach all areas of the jobsite.

Operator convenience is further assisted with a remote radio control that allows one or two man operation. When the operator is ready to begin blowing, he can simply pick up the end of the hose and use the remote control to turn on the system and adjust material flow as needed during a project. The remote is designed with frequency-hopping technology for more reliable response to the operator’s directions.

Remote diagnostics provide for rapid and comprehensive assessment of machine performance, and Canbus computer hardware eliminates the need for many looms, wire strips and junction boxes. Other standard features of the TM-45 include a programmable display and a dust suppression system. The entire unit is backed by a two-year limited warranty, while hydraulic hoses and fittings are covered for three years.

Express Blower equipment is designed to expand performance capabilities to open new markets and opportunities for landscape and erosion control companies. Through enhanced productivity and labor flexibility, contractors can work more efficiently and increase profits. The TM-45 is available with custom graphics options to enhance contractor brand visibility on the road and on the jobsite.

Founded more than 50 years ago and refined through practical experience and innovation, Express Blower, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor or large pneumatic blowing equipment. For more information, contact Express Blower, Inc., 1275 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97402, call 800-285-7227, fax 541-349-8161, e-mail [email protected] or visit the Web site

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