E-Z Drill Introduces Model 240B SRA “Combo” Drill System — Rock Drill and Core Drill In One Unit

STILLWATER, Okla. — E-Z Drill introduces a new concept in concrete drills with the Model 240B SRA “combo” drill system. Combining the standard features of the Model 210B SRA with the capability of converting to a pneumatic core drill, the Model 240B SRA caters to both rock drilling and core drilling applications — eliminating the need for a separate drill system. The conversion process requires just a few simple tools and can be quickly conducted while on the jobsite.

Featuring totally pneumatic operation, the core drill utilizes a three-speed motor (400, 900 and 1,600 rpm) and requires a minimum of 77 CFM for operation, whereas the standard rock drill configuration requires 100 CFM. The unit can core and drill holes from 5/8-inch diameter up to 2-1/2 inches, and drill up to 18 inches deep.

The 240B SRA’s compact frame design allows the unit to operate in a 4-foot patch while drilling to within 6 inches of a corner. Furthermore, it is adjustable to drill into the center of a concrete slab, from 6 to 24 inches thick.

For increased production, the core drill system does not need to be anchored to the concrete, virtually eliminating any set-up time. The operator simply needs to roll the unit to the coring location and begin drilling. The core drill configuration comes standard with a water connection.

Slab-rider drills reference from the top of the concrete slab, which provides for optimum accuracy and eliminates disturbance to the subgrade — a key requirement for many state contracts. For added versatility, the 240B SRA can drill vertically with either the rock drill or core drill configuration after just a few adjustments.

Optional equipment includes a hole spacing guide for more accurate repositioning.

Established in 1987 after creating a solution to slow, handheld rock drills, E-Z Drill now manufactures lines of slab rider drills, on-grade models and equipment-mounted drills, as well as vertical utility models and concrete drilling accessories, such as dust collection systems and cure sprayer trailers. E-Z Drill also can custom design and build automatic drill systems for customers’ specific jobs. For more information on E-Z Drill’s complete line of concrete drilling and doweling equipment, contact E-Z Drill, P.O. Box 517, 4615 W. Lakeview, Stillwater, OK 74076, call 800-272-0121, fax 405-372-1429, e-mail [email protected] or visit the Web site www.ezdrill.com.

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