With good maintenance and smart operating techniques, you can get more hours out of your machine! Prior to fitting your new track, check your drive system components such as the sprockets, rollers, and idlers. These may need replacing. Wear and damage of undercarriage components can affect track performance and durability. The most important controllable factor is track adjustment. Improper adjustment accelerates wear which can increase downtime and repair costs.

Here are some other tips to consider:

• Clean and inspect undercarriages frequently

• Limit non-productive high speed travel and unnecessary reverse operation and constant turning in the same direction

• Plan your turns, alternate turning one side to another and avoid constantly turning in the same direction

• Avoid working in environments such as rocky surfaces, gravel, concrete demolition and metal debris

• Avoid striking concrete curbs or walls with the sides of the tracks

• Minimize exposure to the sun, this helps to reduce the aging process

• Minimize travel over transitions, dips, uneven ground, curbs, holes or areas where a level surface turns into a slope

• Work directly up or down a slope

Rubbertrax, Inc. offers a full line of replacement rubber tracks for most mini excavator and compact track loader brands. Rubbertrax, Inc. currently has the largest dedicated track warehouse in the United States with an average of 4,000 tracks in stock daily. We can give you the best fit for your machines and your budget. At Rubbertrax, Inc. our track knowledge, attention to detail, and courteous customer service are our top priorities.

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