Turf Tracker Arc

C & S Turf Care Equipment announces another revolutionary approach to turf equipment design. In 1984 C&S changed the turf industry with the first zero turn, riding spreader-sprayer.

Once again, C & S is setting the standard with the ALL NEW TURF TRACKER ARC. The first ALL ELECTRIC, zero turn, riding spreader-sprayer is a true “green machine”. Just turn the key and quietly go to work: Its state of the art, LOW MAINTENANCE design allows you to spread and spray an acre of turf in just 10 minutes. The ARC lasts all day on a single charge. Just plug it in to its charger at the end of the day and it’s ready to go the next morning. NO GAS..NO OIL..NO EMISSIONS.. NO NOISE!!

Tad Grubbs, national sales director for C & S said, ” The field testing for the ARC was very impressive. The most daunting test for the ARC was this past July when we used it to apply lime at Arlington National Cemetery for PLANET’s Renewal & Remembrance Volunteer Day. This was the perfect place for a true test of the ARC’s performance on extremely uneven, hilly ground. The ARC‘s quiet operation did not interrupt the peaceful serenity of this hallowed ground and it handled the hills beautifully, some of which were in excess of 28 degrees. We are very excited about what the introduction of the new TURF TRACKER ARC will mean to the turf industry.”

For more information, contact us at 1-800-872-7050.

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