Dtec’s Contractor Turbo Series of Diamond Blades Offers Fast, Clean Cuts

TROY, Mich. — DtecÔ, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, presents the new line of Turbo Diamond Blades from its Contractor Series. The Contractor Turbo blades are an ideal complement to the entire Dtec line, offering users an economically-priced option without sacrificing the performance of a diamond blade. Able to cut a variety of materials including concrete, tile, stone and brick pavers, the Contractor Turbo blades are ideal for tradesmen in the concrete, masonry, and general and landscape construction industries, as well as do-it-yourselfers.

The Contractor Turbo blades feature a modern design that combines the speed of segmented blades with the smooth cutting ability of a continuous rim style. The turbo rim style has been specially designed to enhance cutting performance and extend blade life when compared to similar diamond blades. In fact, the Contractor Turbo blades last up to 43 percent longer over time.

Unlike typical blades that offer a standard 7-milimeter segment height, the Contractor Turbo blades feature an increased, 10-millimeter segment height. The enhanced height exposes more cutting surface to allow faster cutting and improved cut quality, while preventing premature dulling.

The number one enemy of a diamond blade is excessive heat. By offering a break or “relief” in the blade’s rim, the Contractor Turbo blades’ segments also help to prevent detrimental heat transfer. In even the most extreme conditions, the blade runs cooler in both wet and dry applications, preventing blade warping for longer life.

Five sizes are available and have been engineered to fit a wide range of angle grinders, and gas- and electric-powered saws. The Contractor Turbo blades are part of an ever-expanding line of high-quality diamond blades from Dtec.

DtecÔ Diamond Blades are manufactured and marketed by Affinity Tool Works, LLC. For more information, contact Affinity Tool Works, 1161 Rankin Drive, Troy, MI 48083, call 248-588-0395, toll-free 866-588-0395, fax 248-588-0623, e-mail [email protected], or visit the website at www.affinitytool.com.

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