Subaru’s SP Series

Updated Nov 28, 2012

Subaru’s SP Series of air-cooled engines, exhibited at the 2011 Rental Show, features overhead cam technology to boost performance and extend product life. Useful for the light commercial market, the SP Series can power pressure washers, generators, pumps and a range of landscaping equipment.

The SP Series includes the 5.7-horsepower, 169-cc SP170 displacement engine and the 7-horsepower, 211-cc SP210 displacement engine. Both engines have chain-driven OHC technology and a hemispherical combustion chamber. The position of the intake and exhaust valves lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture and a high compression ratio produces power and torque. Fewer moving parts and rigid mufflers reduce noise, lowering the decibel level by 2dBA.

Additional features include:

  • Optimized combustion chamber design for one-pull starts
  • Automatic decompression system to reduce required recoil pulling force
  • 360-degree airflow around the intake and exhaust valves
  • Precise lubrication system that lowers head temperature.
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